~ In 4 Short Weeks
Volume 11

Victim Or Victor?
Many of us have habitual patterns running in our lives, constantly blaming others for the situations in our lives. You are playing the victim in your life if you tend to blame others for any situation, feel hopeless, or feel a lack of strength and courage to change a situation.  A victim is someone who gives up his/her choice and power in order to stay in the same scenario.

A victor on the other hand, is someone who is powerful because he/she is creating his/her life every single moment. It is someone who speaks the truth and is courageous enough to envision a more different, positive future, despite the current bleak situation.

Making The Right Choices
Sometimes you fall into this “victim trap” by accident. At other times, it’s by choice. Playing a victim robs you of your free will and power. You give your power away to please others, by blaming someone else for putting you in that spot, or maybe even relish the attention or sympathy you are getting by playing small.

Believing your situation is totally hopeless may make you feel trapped, but believe me, it’s just an attitude to life. By playing victim, you are perpetuating the powerlessness in your daily interactions and won’t be able to move forward nor change the situations you wish to.

At one point, I was so used to playing the role of a victim that it became a default program within me. I blamed everyone for situations that occurred and it was never “my fault”. However, as I moved further in my spiritual path, this was something that could no longer flow with the new energy. And so one day, I decided to make that change, with the help of a great spiritual teacher.

You can change right now if you choose to! Take the 4-week journey to manifest a different reality – from victim to victor!

Realizing You Are A VICTIM

To make a change, you must first realize where you are right now and what patterns you may be running in different areas of your life. It’s time for you to be 100% honest with yourself. Do not hold back.

Take a journal and begin by answering these crucial questions:
~ Where are you playing the role of the victim?
~ When are you more likely to blame others for things that happen?
~ Are you fearful of the future and unable to look forward?

STOPPING Your Habits
Being a victim is a habit. And all habits can be changed. To be honest, the only criteria to stop this mindset is the willingness to change. This is the willingness to let go of being a victim, and to step into a new reality of being 100% responsible for creating your life. Right here, right now.

Why do people sometimes find it hard to change and let go of being a victim? Some of the reasons could be:
~ They gain attention or sympathy from other people
~ They feel loved as someone always helps them out
~ They lack courage to change
~ They are comfortable being uncomfortable
~ They fear being 100% responsible for their lives
~ They fear the unknown, of what the future holds if they let go of the “old them

When I underwent the transition, it took a great deal of courage, strength, determination and willingness. The future may be unknown and unclear, but I believe in you. You can do this.

When you are ready, follow this simple process:
1.   Set aside some time. Look for a quiet and comfortable place where you can be alone.
2.   Close your eyes. Then start to envision all your current challenging situations. Allow yourself and the victim within you to come forth.
3.   Most importantly, start to allow the… want to read more? Purchase volume 11 here to become the victor you are meant to be!

Lucy Chan is a dedicated energy healer, Kundalini meditation teacher, and corporate trainer with more than 5 years of experience. Having worked with hundreds of people, she finds tremendous joy in working with clients to discover their true passionate selves. An intuitively sensual woman, Lucy is incredibly in tune with her life and her creative center. She provides a safe, sacred space for both men and women to express themselves and fl ow with the energy of Creation we are all born with. Connect with Lucy at