Volume 12

Why Are We Here?

If you are reading this, it means that you are asking this question and you are on your journey to find what makes you happy or what fulfils you. This question which has been asked by people throughout millennia has no one answer. The answer depends on whom you ask. But since you are reading this magazine, it is almost certain that what follows is the answer that resonates with you and makes sense to you, if not immediately, then at the very least some time in the future.

The Big Picture

As a child, I had always been fascinated with how things and systems organize themselves. Consider how the human body with its cells and organs organize themselves into a living organism, or how an ant colony organizes itself into a thriving community. As I grew older, I began to see the logic and beauty of these living systems which are perfection in themselves.

I began to see how through these systems, the organism evolves and becomes a better version of itself with every succeeding generation. Human beings are not much different. The big picture is that we are here to evolve, not only biologically as a species but also spiritually as souls. Each soul maps a different path toward its own evolution. Added together, our collective community of souls evolves to become a “better and more conscious” collection of souls, if you will.

Souls inter-connect so that when one learns, other souls learn vicariously from his experience. Although we are individuals, we are at the same time a collective of one single organism and we all evolve as One. This is the Oneness that Masters speak of.

Your Part In The Big Picture

So what has all this got to do with “little old me”? Well, you are definitely not little (although some of us may be “old” in human age terms). You have a role that is as big, important and magnificent as any other soul, because through your experience and learning you contribute your part to the collective evolution of souls.

The liver in our body is no more and no less important than the heart, and both organs have vital roles to play. Likewise, you as a soul are no more and no less important than the next soul, and you have a vital part to play in the universe of souls. Your role is supremely important because as you evolve, so too will other souls.

What On Earth?

Why are we on Earth, this beautiful blue crystal of physical matter? Why are we souls, which, by definition, are non-physical forms of consciousness, lodged here in physical bodies with the bodies’ obvious limitations?

The simple answer is that it is these very limitations that help us evolve into the full glory of our soul potential. Thus, we are “souls having a human experience” because it is through our physical human existence with its challenges that we experience the glory and greatness of ourselves as souls.

It is the simple truth that without experiencing the opposite (for example, fear), we can’t experience our soul essence (faith or love). In order to experience some“thing” we must have, as comparison, the opposite “thing” or counterexperience. Alas, this is how the rules are set in this realm of duality which we have chosen to experience ourselves.

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Chong Bing Kuan has a strong passion for self-awareness. He currently dedicates himself to helping individuals live happier, healthier, holistically empowered lives with an emphasis on connecting with one’s inner self. His vision is for a world of self-aware people living in happiness, peace and harmony. His present workshop “The Path of Your Heart” helps people unlock and use their heart intelligence to live more holistic and happier lives. Get in touch with Bing Kuan at hokfpj@gmail.com