Grabbing Challenges

If you think that being spiritual is always about sitting under a tree, meditating day and night… boy, you are wrong!

It’s more than that.

In my two years of being on a spiritual path, I’ve gained more than peace and joy. It has also unleashed some of my true potential. This involved breaking barriers that I had set for myself.

There have been some major accomplishments. Today, I dare to try things that I would have given a dismissive shrug in the past.

Here’s one example. A week ago, I received a text with an unusual request. Would I like to go for a test shoot? They needed a talent for a commercial. Inside of me, a mixture of pleasant surprise and dread twirled about. The universe had thrown me a challenge. Should I grab it?

My intent to try something new every day popped up in my mind. When I admitted that I’m not exactly a good actor, he said reassuringly, “It’ll be fun. Just come try it.”

So, I boldly stepped out of my comfort zone. Whether I get it or not, the future is now filled with more possibilities.

Taking Risks

To embrace your true potential, there has to be firm commitment to take risks. After I had agreed to the test shoot, my mind and ego pounced on me.

“Are you sure about this? You may make a fool of yourself,” whined my ego. “What will they think if you can’t do the four emotional expressions they want? You’ve never liked acting.” The reasons were beginning to sound pretty persuasive.

This time, I stood firm. No matter what, I was going to try it.

The truth is, it’s happened often in the past. New opportunities had been declined because I thought it was out of my league.

Confidence Counts

I’m talking about being confident from the inside, not just the plastered-on look of confidence. That’s been one of my key learning points on my spiritual journey.

Once, I worried madly that I had messed up a training session, despite the positive verbal acknowledgement I received. Until I saw the feedback forms which clearly showed I had done very well, doubt had reigned.

That doubting voice is a sneaky thing. It pretends to protect you, all the while leading you away from your true self.

It’s super easy to say, “Believe in yourself” and “Stop doubting yourself” as some had preached to me. As you know, forcing the mind to believe something is easier said than done. Pretty much like trying to use just your hands to bend a solid metal bar.

Coming To Peace With Failures

I’d rather deal with the issue using two other ways. The first is to do my inner work, which includes coming to peace with memories of failures and, the emotions that are still stored inside of me. Until I really let them go, they will slow me down.

The second is to take concrete steps in this world. Here’re 3 things I’ll be doing:

  1. Set an intention to do something new every day. The universe is listening.
  2. Grab every new opportunity and experience that comes along.
  3. Express gratitude for all opportunities, including the failures.

At the end of the day, I realise that the only thing that’s stopping me from reaching my true potential is me! My fears and perception of the world have to be conquered. I’ve started working on them. I hope you will work on yours too.

Sheela Prabhakaran is a writer and trainer who has a keen interest in people and nature. Her career started out in publishing followed by many years in Corporate Communication. Over time she has reached out to people of all walks of life through copywriting, writing books and articles. Her training experience includes Business English and Communication. She has embarked on an exciting new spiritual journey which sees her exploring more ways to share ideas on leading a healthier and happier life. She can be reached at