Volume 20

Malaysians love to eat. Due to its multicultural heritage, there is no shortage to the variety of food found in Malaysian homes and restaurants at any time of the day. It is no surprise that studies published by The Lancet and in the New York Times have found that Malaysia is the most obese country in Asia.

Mindfulness 101

At Breakfast

Without a doubt, I love my food. One day not long ago, I found myself in a café ready to indulge in a breakfast buffet. I thought it would be another routine morning meal for me but this time, it was not to be.

As with all buffets, there lay a selection of dishes. They were very tempting, especially at breakfast after not having eaten for 8 hours. Naturally, I was ready to wolf down a big meal. I stood there surveying the spread before me.

As usual, my wide eyes quickly zoomed in on my favorite dishes. I was silently telling myself, “I want that, and I want this…” and this inner chatter went on until all my favorites were on my plate. But something else happened that morning.

For some reason, this time I didn’t just walk back to my table to dig into my huge breakfast. Pausing, I asked myself, “Why do I eat so much? Is it because I’m at a buffet?” So, I decided to do an experiment. Slowing down my thoughts, I subtly went into my feelings. I wanted to understand why I craved food.

An Unbearable Temptation

I continued to just stare at the food sitting on my plate. My mind started to loop, saying, “Grab it! Just grab the mashed potato and the braised mushrooms. It’s just this one last time. You can stop eating the next time. No need to stop now!” The temptation was unbearable.

Because I loved potato I would take it daily in any form – mashed, fried, in dhal, in curry puffs, in anything!

Again, I called upon all my mental strength to stop my inner chatter so that I could understand why I wanted to eat the potato. I observed what was driving me. Intense feelings were prodding me to just eat and not think about it.

That’s when I suddenly realized that even thinking about consuming the food made me happier. I felt a surge of energy shooting upward from my sacral chakra, opening up a feeling in my heart, making me feel unbelievably good.

A Past Cause

For many of us when we eat, the satisfaction from eating actually replaces the relief from stress or even the pleasure of happiness. When I started thinking about that deeply, I had a flashback to my childhood in school……….

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