Volume 5

The Human Irony


I have always wondered how human beings can be so cooperative that they can build great civilizations and yet they can also become so aggressive that they can stage terrible wars that bring destruction to millions of their fellow humans.

What I have observed is that when a shared ideal, idea or physical existence is under threat, people band together but once the threat is gone, they tend to fight amongst themselves. Why can’t people band together as one all the time so that the world can be a more peaceful place?

The irony is that being human in itself presents a conflict: between the cooperative and the hostile parts of ourselves. And we are constantly called upon to choose between the two.

A World Of Automatons

Like computers, we have programs which run our every thought and action. Our behaviors are controlled by these programs which determine what we do and how we do it, from how we get up from bed in the morning, prepare ourselves for the day, take our meals, do our work, talk with people, drive the car, etc.

At the end of the day we find that we have in motion the whole day but we have not achieved anything different from what we did yesterday. And then we wonder, why is my life the same every day?

To know that we do not really have conscious choice because of these programs is the first step to reclaiming our power to choose.

Awareness Is Choice

Unless we are aware, we do not have real choice about our thoughts, emotions and behavior because we will be thinking, feeling and acting automatically according to our implant programs.

These programs were implanted when we were children: from our parents, environment, school, culture, etc. We are basically “factory”- programmed inside (genetic tendencies) and also programmed from outside (environmental influences). But fortunately, we have the power and can change these programs with conscious choice.

The power of choice comes from being aware. Awareness broadens our view of ourselves and the universe and gives us more choices.

When we are aware, we have choice. When we are not aware, we have little or no choice. This is like what the wise man says education does: education opens up options in people’s lives. It is the same with awareness.

Peace Is Easy

Imagine that every person in your community were to be satisfied (he or she is happy) and be at peace without coveting anything or conflicting with anyone for one whole day. What do you think the local crime statistics would show for that day?

Now imagine what if the entire world population was to do this every week, every month, every year, what then do you think the world would be like?

Imagine too if every unhappy person in your community was to realize that he is unhappy not because he wants to but it’s because of a pre-disposed program to unhappiness.

But now this unhappy person makes a conscious choice to be happy because he is now aware and knows he can choose to be so. What if all the unhappy in the world were to choose to be happy? What would the world be like?

The State Of Un-Peace: Chasing After Thoughts, Grasping At Emotions

I, like the rest of humanity have been under the control of my internally run programs. I used to be a very intense and emotional person, taking offense at the slightest provocation. My thoughts were always scampering about, telling me to be careful of this and that, to fight this and that and to always come out tops in every argument.

It was very tiring to always want to come out on top. My emotions were basically tense triggers that set off every time something bugged me. Life was chaotic and I had very little time or space for peace and clear thinking. I spent my nights thinking and worrying, and found I did not have very good sleep…

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Chong Bing Kuan (formerly known as Ho Kong Fatt)  has a strong passion for self-awareness. He currently dedicates himself to helping individuals live happier, healthier, holistically empowered lives with an emphasis on connecting with one’s inner self. His vision is for a world of self-aware people living in happiness, peace and harmony. His present workshop “The Path of Your Heart” helps people unlock and use their heart intelligence to live more holistic and happier lives. Get in touch with Bing Kuan at