Music That Heals Children

Coxon’s music is used for meditation and healing purposes worldwide. He has noticed that many autistic children love his music. “Their mind is outside their body. My music is channelled. It is from heaven. If you play the music here in the 3D world, it creates the same energy outside the body. It’s a familiar comforting energy for them. It encourages them to come back to their heaven and to speak.”

That’s not all.

In Chile, in South America, there was a school that had gigantic problems with bullying. When they played his music, the bullying stopped. However, when a new principal came in, the music was stopped. Needless to say, the bullying returned. Fortunately the new principal brought the music back.

Instruments That Heal You

“I love the piano and am glad I’m a pianist. It’s the easiest instrument to use as a compositional tool,” he said. Though many know Coxon more for his work on the piano, he does play other musical instruments.

“I love violin and even more, I love the viola for its mellow tone. On my album ‘Silent Path II’, I have an oboe player. You can make this instrument sound like a beautiful swan or an ugly duck!”

Coxon diligently practices chi qong and na gong in the mornings followed by meditation. He believes in the traditional Chinese medicine approach of how emotions are stored in different part of the body. He went on to say that, “Each organ has a corresponding instrument. For example, in Chinese medicine the liver is associated with anger. The opposite of anger is joy and happiness. The oboe works really well with getting rid of anger.

The oboe can sound angry and frustrated. It’s a difficult instrument to play. Oboe players look like their faces are going to pop because of the restrictions. It’s like people.  Instead of expressing anger, people store it in their liver.”

He points out how French horns in film music makes you feel inspired. “It’s an ‘I can climb that mountain’ feeling, which works on the kidneys. People who have fears and lack self-confidence always have lower back pain. They can listen to this sort of music.”

The instruments he chooses for his albums are those that create beauty. “All music is therapeutic. For me, music has to sound beautiful. After my album ‘Prelude to Infinity’, I choose instruments that would bring you beyond the veil to see your own beauty and express that beauty. To go beyond superficial beauty to the inner self.”

Is His Success Plain Luck?

Coxon was quick state that he studied and played the piano instead of being out playing with other kids. Also, his work differs from that of “commercial” musicians as his creations are channelled.

“When you channel through the music, you need the right energy. I’m constantly studying new things. The universe has access to these tools that I have. Get the training, be versatile and know what is your pure intent and purify yourself.  You cannot be the channel if there’s not a lot of purity coming through.”

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