A single negative thought can start a vicious cycle. It can cause us discomfort and take us away from our goals and values. Such thoughts are generated as part of our automatic mind, often referred to as negative self-talk or inner-critic. Most of the time, these thoughts are made up of implicit memories and learnt beliefs from our past. They lead us to believe that someone else is responsible for our problems and not us. Such deceptive brain messages set up a vicious cycle in us, resulting in depression, anxiety, and unhealthy habits.

When we find fault in others, it’s always because we are insecure and lack something we want. Also, it is because we are envious of what others have or can do and we cannot. Hence “the fault” is in us.

Some of us are lucky and ease such unpleasant feelings by seeking help from family, friends or professional counseling. Yet others just find it an excuse to fall into bad habits and may not even be consciously aware of their responses or the motives behind it.

If any of you are in this cycle of negative thoughts, please seek help. For others, always seek the right path of positive thoughts.

On average, a person gets roughly around 70,000 thoughts a day. Shouldn’t we then have thoughts that are pleasant, useful, positive and able to improve our lives and those of others?

Here are a collection of lovely, positive thoughts about life and the issues we face, from people living in different parts of the world:

“Life is all about the moments. A moment occurs when you are awakened from the slumber of everyday life by a feeling of significance in a snapshot of time, caused by a profound connection with people or nature, which evokes great emotion, nourishes the soul, and makes one think that this is what Life is all about.” ~ Craig Stampler

“Life does not promise us to be problem free but promise yourself you will not be drowned by life’s storms.” ~ Shirley Asiedu-Addo

“Look ahead; envision the beautiful blessings waiting on your distant shores. If you follow your personal stepping-stones with joy, love, faith and gratitude, the swiftest currents will not impede your journey.” ~ Steve Brunkhorst

I believe in beautiful positive thoughts for they send a message throughout the universe about what I want or feel.

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” ~ James Lane Allen

“Your attitude influences your world and everything you do in it. It defines the energy you send out and, in turn, takes shape and color in your circumstances. If you have a positive attitude, you are more welcoming and people are drawn to you. A positive attitude opens you to the flow of life. If you are depressed, angry, and unhappy, no one wants to be around you. You literally push people and opportunities away.” ~ James Van Praagh

Prafulla R. Sanghvi is retired and enjoying  her “Beautiful Life” with her husband and two sons in Sunny California.  She enjoys writing; especially creative writing and  poems. On beautiful sunny days, she walks around her neighbourhood where many seniors live alone and need someone to talk to. Helping others when she can is a reflex action for Prafulla, whose other hobbies include cooking tasty and healthy vegetarian Indian dishes and reading. Her motto is “Life is short and beautiful, hence I live every moment and feel blessed.”She can be contacted at