Volume 8

What does it mean to trust your child, to trust life and to trust  yourself ? Does it mean letting your child do whatever he or she wants? Most would say a big “Yes!” to that. Of course, I do explain the pros and cons of the decision to the child, and then I leave it to the child to decide what to do.

Everyone in this world has the power of free choice, meaning they decide what they want in life. And that includes children.

What’s Best For Your Child?

All parents yearn for a better future for their children. That’s why many would decide what is best for the young ones on behalf of their children. For example, some want their child to become a doctor, lawyer, lecturer or any highly respected profession that will allow the child to survive well when they (the parents) are no longer in this world.

But here’s the thing – how do we know what is best for our children? Do we take the time to sit down to understand what our child really wants in life or what they want to become when they grow up? Often we are so busy with our day-to-day chores that we pay little or no attention to the younger generation. Even if we do take the time to hear them out, we may not be in the present moment (meaning our physical body is here with them but our mind is wandering somewhere else) and have no patience to hear their story.

Letting Your Child Decide

I remember a time when I took a stool from the storeroom to the bathroom to sit on as I gave my son a bath. Once done, my son wanted the stool. Suspecting he had plans to do some serious climbing elsewhere, I said to him, “No, dear. Mummy will put it back later. Let’s go out now.” He still insisted on grabbing the stool.

Irritation rose in me as my son insisted on having it no matter how I tried to coax him out of it. That’s when a voice inside of me said, “Let him be.” Instead of resisting, my body just relaxed at that moment. I had never felt anything like that before. Surprised by my physical reaction.

I realized that if I had continued to stop my son from fulfilling his own wishes, my whole body would feel more tension. I then decided to listen to my inner voice. The “inner voice” refers to our heart or true self which is a precious treasure within us all. When I followed my inner voice, I was able to witness the beauty of my son taking the stool and placing it back where I had taken it from.

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Judy Pan’s experiences  within the “Awaken The Divine You” program has led her to become more confident of herself as well as strengthened her life purpose, which is to serve humanity and share her learning about achieving one’s dream of soul.  Judy is a nationally certified childcare provider and currently, she is working part-time so that she is able to serve another life purpose, as dedicated mother to her five-year old son.  You can contact Judy at