If the above title attracts your attention, it could mean that there’s something about it that’s making you ponder.

You’ll notice that people who are happy will never think of making changes. And those who are unhappy will do either one of two things, that is, they will make the needed changes in their lives, or do not do anything and continue to feel trapped in their situations or emotions, or both.

Making changes at different stages of life is inevitable. We are the habitual beings who enjoy staying in our own comfort zones. The truth is staying too long and comfortable in our comfort zone does not give us any real comfort at all. Because we must understand that nothing is permanent, and the only “permanent” thing in life is change. Staying stuck in our comfort zone is therefore a block to change and eventually, our happiness.

I myself had not been happy with many things in my life for the past 3 years. I disliked change. I loved staying in my comfort zone and I usually made changes only when I have no other choice.

But early this year, I made a firm decision to finally make the needed changes in my life. It came to me one morning when I was waking up from sleep. My inner voice had whispered, “This is your life! It is your choice! You make your own decision! You only have this life on earth with whatever you have this lifetime.”

I started with changing the way I took action on my yearly resolutions. This time, In order to make sure I materialize those resolutions, other than 3-month goals, I also committed myself to set daily goals, plan in how to achieve them and take action on my plans.

Here is what I do:

Set Goals

The goals must be something I really want to achieve from my heart and soul.

Make Plans

I make a plan for each of the goal I set. I measure the time frame to achieve it, then I set the time on when to start and when to accomplish each of the goals. I find it often that my ego would try to sabotage this process by triggering fears that I would be unable to accomplish my goals like in the past, that I have no time to do, and so. But I discipline myself to ignore its negativity and press on.

Take Action

I write down my daily goals (which are the micro goals that lead me to achieve my 3-month goals, which in turn lead to my yearly goals) everyday. I find it best is to write it down the night before sleep. The next day just do and act on whatever is written and tick off the ones done. Then I calculate and record the percentage of achievement day by day, which I then use to chart my weekly and monthly progress.


 Just a couple of weeks after I started taking daily action, I saw my tremendous progress in manifesting my daily life. That morning whisper changed my life because I listened, trusted it and took action on it.

I learned that commitment, consistency and discipline are very important. This helps me change my attitude, my actions and my outcomes for the better.

I realized 24 hours is enough no matter how busy I am. It is just a matter of focus and a positive attitude.

Never give up! Live life to the fullest! Have faith and trust! Be positive! And we can definitely make it! To be happy is to change!

Janine Lee is the author of My Journey Towards Light, in which she shares her life-transforming experiences and spiritual learning from her marital challenges. Her healing journey with the power of unconditional love has inspired her to teach and heal others, touching and transforming countless lives. After 8 years of spiritual practice and overcoming numerous challenges in her life, Janine now brings deep insights to the heart of her clients with her essence of unconditional love. Reach out to Janine at