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6 Steps To A New You :

1.  Acknowledge The Need

First, acknowledge that there is a need to change. Without being conscious of this need, you won’t be inspired to move away from your comfort zone. Find some quiet time for reflection.

Ask yourself if everything is going well and if you are very happy with your life. Are there areas which can be better? Are there things that you want to change? Do you have a deep desire to do it?

2.  Make A List

Be honest with yourself. List all the things you want to change realistically without being too lofty. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! Start in stages, with something achievable.

Putting too much pressure on yourself could mean setting yourself up for failure even before you begin. Prioritize the items in the list, starting from the smallest to the biggest change to give you the confidence and build up the momentum of your transformation.

3.  Intend With Full Commitment

Everything that you do in life must begin with the “right” intent. Doing something with the right frame of mind and the right reasons will make things easier. The power and focus of intent can move mountains. With such power, any endeavor that you set out to do will start and end well.

Intention is when your entire being is aligned and synchronizes with your thoughts, attitude, behavior and emotions. What you need to change is something that you truly believe that you must achieve – with all of your body, mind and soul. Jump in with full commitment!

4.  Let Go Of

Think about all the habits, thoughts and attitudes that have kept you back from your goals. List these down. As they no longer serve you, they have to be released. The old has to go before the new can come in.

Again, find a quiet space when your emotions are also quiet. Close your eyes and let the old habits pass through your mind. Acknowledge that they helped you in the past to become who you are today. So, thank them with love. You needed them then but it is time to send them away now. Wish the old you well and see them float away. Then have faith, trust and belief that it has happened.

5.  Set Goals

Of course there has to be a goal. What do you want to achieve and become? What kind of habits and attributes will you need to fulfill the new you? Visualize and announce them to yourself. Tell all the cells in your body that you will do everything in your power to reach that goal. Then set out to work at it.

6.  Take Action

Nothing happens if you don’t do anything about it. This is what all the gurus out there always expound. Imagine if you just sit in your old comfortable spot saying you will change but never take the actual steps. They will stay as mere daydreams. Don’t get me wrong. Daydreams allow us to see the big picture and fuel the passion.

As they say, Leonardo Da Vinci did a lot of daydreaming to become the great artist and inventor he was. But he took concrete action after the dreaming. So if you need to wake up an hour earlier to start, do it! Read a new chapter everyday on the skill that you need to learn. Practice presenting yourself in a new light. Join a class to learn or relearn something. With your goal in mind, you will find ways to act on it.

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Yeoh Joo Lee’s passion for a career in advertising was replaced with a passion in raising her 12-year old daughter. The seeds of her spirituality had became latent when she was in advertising. It germinated during motherhood, and flowered when she re-ignited her spiritual fire by taking positive action to make this world a better place. She shares her love for nature and preservation with her daughter and believes that we are truly children of the Universe. She is open for a chat at