I had wanted to travel to Nepal for the longest time. In October 2017, I got my chance to go there at last with a group from The Golden Space Malaysia, and we were joined by newfound friends from different parts of the world.

The Significance of Nepal

The ancient land of Nepal was enchanting, where the modern, the mystical and ancient co-existed side-by-side in harmony. This is the allure of Nepal, which draws tourists from across the globe annually. Nepal was home to many across many lifetimes, and we are drawn back to the country again.

Nepal possesses the classical old-world essence of purity, which has largely disappeared from other places. This purity is deeply rooted in the land and culture, to which most Nepali still adhere faithfully till this day. As such, goodness and kindness have been anchored for millennia there.

As a rite of passage, to purity oneself, a pilgrim may travel to Nepal to cleanse the soul and the body, and that is what many have been doing, whether they realise it or not.


On my first night in Hotel Utse, I dreamt of a gigantic snake in my room. At breakfast the next morning, I shared this with some friends and one of them said that in Nepal, snakes symbolise protection. From then on, this snake would feature prominently in my meditations for the remainder of my time in Nepal.

(L)Pashupatinath Temple                                               (R) Pokhara Mountains

Pashupatinath Temple

One of the first places we visited was Pashupatinath Temple. It was a beautiful place, but some of the structures in the temple complex had cracked or were destroyed due to the recent earthquake.

A funeral reminded me of the frailty and transient nature of human life. The lifeless body covered in cloth was being prepared for the funeral pyre by family members. Burnt to ash, the body would return to the bosom of Mother Earth.

We meditated in a little clearing, sitting in a circle, kissed by the warm rays of the sun. As I began my meditation, in my mind’s eye, my giant snake appeared. It formed a perfect circle around me, and then it raised its head behind my back and opened its hood like an umbrella above my head. Since it really looked like it was offering protection, I said, “Thank you” to it.


Nagakot was a beautiful place in the mountains, mostly shrouded in mist, giving it a surreal look. I enjoyed the cold climate and the breeze.

On a morning hike in the outdoors, we meditated in a clearing with a breath-taking panoramic view. While meditating there, the giant snake came again to offer me protection in the exact same way it had before, and my spirit guides informed me that I had been in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet for many lifetimes, and it was time to collect back the energies from these past lives. I set the intention to do so, and I saw the energies as white balls of light coming from all directions across the mountains to merge with me. This went on for some time, till all energies were collected.

During a night meditation, my protector snake visited me again, and I sent out my love and blessings to the mountains surrounding us, which I visualised as waves of pink-white energy. The mountains sent back their love and blessings too, with their own waves of energy, manifold. In my mind’s eye, the sky and ground around me lit up, and I thanked them all.


On our first morning in Pokhara, we hiked up to Sarangkot to see the sunrise. We managed to get good spots to enjoy a grand view of Pokhara as the sun rose through the misty landscape.

On the way back down, I saw roots growing from my feet into the ground as each foot alighted onto each step. I knew then, that each step was firmly grounded and I would not slip and fall. I was reminded that I was one with the earth, and I was impressed that my body was adjusting to the situation intelligently. On top of that, I was touched that Mother Gaia was always there to look out for me.


Paragliding has long been on my bucket list. I woke up full of excitement, and we were lucky to have sunny weather and strong winds. I asked my pilot Prem how long he had been paragliding, and he said 7 years, three times a day. I told him I placed my full trust in him and he laughed. We ran over the cliff and the wind picked us up… up, up and away! It was the most awesome feeling, to be soaring high above the hills, and I hope to do it again.

Remembering Nepal

Nepal was my birthplace for many lifetimes, as was Bhutan and Tibet. It was only fitting that I return from whence I came. I had to do this in order for my journey to come full circle, a smooth transition in the living flesh. What I had travelled to Nepal to do, I had completed successfully. The alignment of the body, mind and soul was successful, and the merge of physical body and spiritual self was completed, as advised by my spirit guides.

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