Nothing is ever perfect and our lives are all about doing the best in our capacity to make perfect and transcend the imperfections with grace, balance and gratitude. Most of the times we are constantly pressured to achieve this or that. It’s almost a daily chore and we keep getting drowned in the several “To Do Lists” or goals we create. What happens in real, is that we, with our staple habits of anxiety rush into things and are intensely, in worrisome ways caught up in the achieving of our goals or the results of our efforts.

In the whole bargain we miss the bus. The bus that takes us through the tiny pathways of this wonderful process and journey towards the set destination. We have always heard that it is the journey that is important and not just the resultant end; yet we are unable to implement that into action.

Here are some simple ways for you to change your mind-set, and the road map towards your goals that shall help you in an all-rounded manner to victory your goals. Enjoy your own effortful voyage feeing full of peace and calm, whether you achieve a particular goal or not.

Surrender To Co-create A Goal

Once you create any goal, pay more attention and focus on your efforts rather than the anxiety of reaching the destination and achieving the goals. Daily intend detachment from the hyper thoughts or its results. Keep a small colourful book and appreciate yourself by creating a daily journal of baby steps that you achieve.

When you detach yourself from the results and keep working with patience, diligence, clarity, focus and confidence, you shall be able to do complete justice to each step and milestone and enjoy it too. You shall then be able to embrace and retain the priceless lessons hidden in that soulful trip, whether or not you’ve accomplished the goal.

And when you do attain your goals, which 99% you shall if you go this route, then you have a soul patting achievement along with the treasures of a valuable ride to it.

Surrendering is not complacency. Surrendering is doing your best with what IS and leaving the rest, while you live in gratitude of your own efforts irrespective of the ending or conclusive results.

An Angelic Prayer Of Detachment

Here is a loving Angelic prayer that can help you with detachment from results, while working your way through the triumphant ending, and enjoying the progression. You can say this prayer 7 times each in the morning and night for one or more cycles of 21 days depending on your own personal situations and their intensity.

Angel Prayer: “Dear God and Angels, I ask You to help me with focus, clarity, confidence, patience, and diligence at all times. I ask you to fill me with love and inspiration to fulfil all my goals. I ask you to assist me in detaching from all results and yet be motivated enough to succeed. I ask you to help me to enjoy and appreciate all efforts and learn the hidden lessons for my soul’s growth. I ask you to surface all the blessings in everything that I initiate. I thank you for helping me do my best and leave the rest to the universe for my highest best. Thank You and So Be It.”

You could also incorporate this Powerful Instant Energy Release and Uplifting Meditation (PIERUM) in your daily routine. It is like a power booster for a time when you have anxiety or feel low, fearful, depressed and worrisome, or feel energetically down or have any other lower emotions. You can do it even as a daily morning and night power soul drill.

Do this small exercise taking yourself away to a quiet corner if during the day or do it at night before sleeping. Have a sound sleep or get back to your routine if you do this during the day as and when need be

As you do this prayer and meditation regularly, stay in awareness of your energetic changes. You shall experience the seamless ways in which the Universe works to bring things together. You will realize a metamorphosis in your thinking, your approach and the overall output in your life for anything that you do.

We only need to daily remind ourselves that; when we are integrated, and focused on the journey rather than the anxiety of the procurements, then we can achieve beyond our expected dreams. So hold on to the seat belt and enjoy the ride, while you progress towards your desired terminus of triumph, happiness and success.

 “It wasn’t and will never be all perfect. But daily, Divine grace bestows me the strength to make best efforts to perfect my imperfections and be proud of the efforts not the result.”

 * PIERUM registered by Roshani Shenazz. Meditation Link :

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