When I was a child I used to remember Christmas as a family gathering filled with presents, midnight Mass celebration, singing carols filled with Love, and laughing with my cousins.

It was about dragging out our 20 year old Christmas tree and decorating it. As a girl it was innocent and everyone was happy. It seemed to me, then, that Christmas was the best celebration of all time. Being a Catholic also meant that Christmas held a bigger significant meaning to me as was the reason for our celebration.

Over The Years..

Years passed.

Family feuds began and passed.

Our gatherings became far and few in between.

My parents smiled less.

Where was Christmas? Why did it no longer hold the meaning it used to, to me, to my family?

Just like the song, Where are you Christmas? by Faith Hill, the lyrics made my heart cry out at how we allowed our small squabbling and misunderstanding to tear our family apart. Cousins who grew up together, grew apart in pursuing their own lives.

Where are you Christmas? Why can’t I find you? Why have you gone away? Where is the laughter You used to bring me? Why can’t I hear the music play?

In recent years since I started meditation and becoming a certified meditation facilitator, I realised the most important thing about Christmas.

It Is Not About The Presents 

Christmas is not about the presents we give or receive. It is not the eggnogs, the roast (Vegan) Turkey, nor attending Church. Christmas is not just the happy carols we sing that is all about happy times and good cheer.

Christmas is a reminder of how we should live every day of our lives. To me, Christmas is all about reminding us to love each other unconditionally – and taking that precious time to show we care. It is about rebuilding bonds of friendship, warmth and becoming a family again. It is the Heart of Our Existence.

It is a time for us to put aside our grievances, our blame and righteousness. And take the hands of those that we have argued with and learn the art of Love and Forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves and others.

Christmas All The Time

How the song “Where are you Christmas?” ends exemplifies the meaning of Christmas to me now…

Christmas is here, everywhere…

Christmas is here, if you care…

If there is love in your heart and your mind,

It will feel like Christmas all the time.

I found you Christmas. You never fade away…

Christmas is a beautiful time to share our love with the people that mean most to you. And not let petty issues and your ego stand between the bonds of love and blood.

I wish that you too, will take this time to become at peace with yourself.

To review our past year, and give love and gratitude to Life for all we have. Don’t look at what we don’t have – and refocus on what we do have in our lives.

I wish you the biggest blessings that Life can give you. May Unconditional Love fill your heart and lives every day.

Make every day – Christmas!

Lucy Chan is a dedicated energy healer, mindfulness meditation facilitator, business coach and corporate trainer with more than 7 years of experience. Having worked with hundreds of people, she finds tremendous joy in working with clients to discover their true passionate selves. Lucy’s mindfulness facilitation and private coaching focuses on changing her clients’ emotional blocks toward their goals. If you want to create positive change in your life, connect with Lucy at lucindachan@gmail.com