All of us have at some point in our lives been hurt in some way by others. As a defensive response to the hurt feelings from these traumatic events and arduous relationships, we often times push away and shield ourselves from those closest to us for fear of being hurt by them again.

Allowing The Flow Of Universal Love

In the past, I too had built up protective barricades and boundaries around my heart to keep everyone out. The idea of dealing with emotions and succumbing to the infinite depths of love seemed frivolous, irrational, and impractical. I even created for myself the false premise and belief that fostering loving and romantic relationships would be a distraction to my career and life ambitions. Even though I felt imperviously sheltered behind my armored walls, I had inadvertently isolated and deprived myself from all of the full and true potentials that life has to offer.

Heart chakra blockages that are created out of fear and as a way of protecting ourselves from being hurt will actually prevent us from giving and receiving the love that is at the very core of our true essence and birthright. A blocked and closed off heart center devoid of positive loving emotions will eventually make us feel fatigued and drained. We will experience life as tiring, hard, and a constant struggle as others coldly reflect and mirror back to us our own lack of self-love and self-worth.

If we continue to shun and suppress painful feelings and emotions, we will unwittingly block off the abundant flow of universal love into our lives and thus experience stagnation and exhaustion.

Being Fully Present

Instead of trying to escape, resist, and run away from the pain, we need to be fully present with it instead. Be there for yourself though times of trials and tribulations, and know that the pendulum swings both ways. Pain and suffering propels and projects us into immense love, joy and bliss which is possible when you open your heart to fully navigating and experiencing the fields of contrasting polarity and duality.

So how does one keep the heart open in response to the daily siege and onslaught of trauma, hurts and pains that life brings? By first being still, breathing deeply and relaxing into the moment.

When others judge us, they may be projecting their own issues unto us especially if they are accusing us of the very things that they also disown and reject in themselves. As such, all of us need to take responsibility to own our feelings and manage our emotions.

Remember that you are always in full control and can choose how you wish to react to the situation. Whenever you feel your heart clamping up out of fear of being hurt and rejected again, make the conscious effort to re-open it and keep it opened.

A Meditation To Keep Your Heart Open

  • Visualize and imagine your heart glowing and expanding with the white light and love of the Divine.
  • Think or say aloud, “I now choose to fully open up my heart and to keep it wide open. I forgive all involved and choose to encompass the flow of self-love and unconditional love for the highest and greatest good for all according to divine will. It is so, and so it is. Thank you.”
  • Breathe in love, and exhale love throughout your entire being and expand these loving energies outwards to others.
  • End the prayer with a sense of deep gratitude and appreciation.

When we bravely accept and face all of our emotions head on, and allow ourselves to embrace the pain before releasing and letting them all go, the illusionary power of those fears will rapidly evaporate away.

The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow. Be brave and strong, and you shall always prevail. It is well worth the effort to forgive, make peace, and flow with unconditional love for self and others. You will feel lighter, happier and freer, and as a result all manners of abundance and prosperity will also materialize effortlessly into your life.

Here are some additional simple, useful, and practical tips:

  • Make use of crystals such as rose quartz, rhondonite, malachite, and green aventurine in your intentions, prayers, and meditations to heal your heart and attract all kinds of love into your life. Place a clear quartz or Herkimer diamond beside the love crystals to amplify and augment their energies.
  • Diffuse and apply 1-2 drops of certified pure therapeutic essential grade oils of rose, geranium and jasmine to your heart center. Close your eyes and inhale the essential oils deeply while visualizing a white, pink or green light surrounding your entire being, and then radiate this light outwards.
  • Call upon your angelic guides and the ascended Masters for their loving assistance and support; especially Kuan Yin, the bodhisattva of love and compassion, as well as the twin flame couplings of Lord Jesus Sananda/ Mary Magdalene, and Saint Germain/ Lady Portia.

Luke Elijah was born into a family of holistic healers and spiritual practitioners dating back four generations. He followed his instincts and left a multiple award winning career in the fashion and media industry to pursue a path of spiritual service. Luke has been fulfilling his true life purpose to serve as a spiritual practitioner and teacher who facilitates various holistic themed workshops, and guided group meditations classes at his own center, “Heaven On Earth” (Singapore). His speciality is in twin flame and soul mate relationships, as well as sound healing. Follow Luke on “The Lightworkers’ Guild” Facebook community and