Volume 8

My Connection With Nature

Living in this fast-moving world, my mind often drifts back to my carefree childhood when I created a special bond with nature.

As a growing child of the 60s and 70s in Germany, I appreciated the simplicities of life. Those were the days when social media and video games did not dominate our lives. No matter what season of the year it was, I spent most of the time outdoors in nature.

I was lucky to live close to a beautiful ring park that surrounded the city. Imagine walking down a road lined with hundred year-old trees right outside your home. Apple and cherry trees grew abundantly along the streets. I remember the wonderful smell of spring, with sunny flowers blooming and watching the trees returning to life.

Back then, nature was not only my playground but also my close friend. It inspired me tremendously. I spent many afternoons creating toys like a simple bow and arrow from walnut branches and magnificent tree houses with adventurous friends.

Climbing a tree was an achievement. Happiness was lying down on the grass, marveling at the blue sky as bees hummed away. Back then, joy was not dependent on the latest PlayStation. Instead, it was about running barefoot in the summer rain.

Nature was my close and trusted friend whom I could open up my heart to. Always understanding me unconditionally, she gently soothed away my sorrows. Nothing was missing in my life. Everything I could ever dream of as a child was right there with me.

In my teenage years, I witnessed how economic growth affected nature. Trees came crashing down to make room for office buildings and highways that supported the growing economy. The war and post-war generation never noticed these destructions, simply because they were still overcoming their own traumas caused by World War II.

All of this had a profound impact on my generation. It raised awareness and a strong need to protect nature, resulting in the birth of organizations like WWF and Green Peace that led to new developments in sustainable living.

The bond that I created with nature had been an important part of my life. It was and still is, the source of my inspiration and creativity, and shaped me into the person I am today. This is why I am a Guardian of Mother Earth.

I truly envision a world where humanity re-connects with nature, showing compassion and respect for this uniquely wonderful planet. Our future generations deserve to experience this beauty and harmony. Protecting and nurturing Mother Earth starts with each of us being mindful about what we consume and being thankful for the beautiful shelter she provides for all living things.

I invite you to join me as a Guardian of Mother Earth.

Be a Guardian of Mother Earth today!
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Matthias Beyerlein, who has a degree in telecommunication engineering, has over two decades of international work experiences stretching from Europe to Asia. In Malaysia, he established Tower Master, and expanded the company by providing mobile communication infrastructure and services overseas. His strong passion in social and ecological corporate responsibility saw him venturing on a self-awareness journey. Then Matthias joined the Guardians of Mother Earth in 2015. Today he inspires others to reconnect consciously to nature, envisioning a world where everyone honors and loves Mother Earth. Email him at matthias.beyerlein@gmail.com