A fast & simple pick-me-up to brighten your day!

This is a simple yet powerful meditation for you to boost your energy when you are feeling lethargic or emotionally negative. You may also kick start your day with this short meditation for a focused and productive day!

1) Find a safe space without any distractions, be seated or standing.

2) Start breathing in deeply & allow the air to flow all the way into your lower abdomen and exhale slowly. Every time you inhale and exhale, feel yourself getting more and more relaxed.

3) Visualize the sun shining on you. As the light is falling onto you, breathe it in through your skin. Starting from your head, feel the warmth and light of the sun shining on your scalp, your face and continue downwards to your shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, entire back, down to your hips, thighs and feet.

4) Feel your whole body lighting up as if you were breathing in the light. As you breathe out, your light expands and it forms a bubble of light around you. Just like the sun, you are now shinning so bright and feeling warm.

5) End your meditation with a positive affirmation such as “I am energized & charged up!” or “I am ready for a productive day!”

Stacey Lee has dedicated the past 8 years training adults and children through her meditation classes, workshops and outdoor retreats. Also a Certified Family Constellation Practitioner, Reference Point Therapy Practitioner, Children Yoga Teacher and Colorful Creative Coach , Stacey brings freedom and harmony to individuals and families. She has been interviewed by national television stations (TV2 & NTV7) on her services. Connect with Stacey at stacey.lee@thegoldenspace.com.my