More mothers-to-be are choosing natural childbirth. We live in a world where sometimes the most natural events may get more complicated than they have to be.

Sometimes those who make this choice may inadvertently be too stressed up about the physical experience of birthing and increase the level of discomfort.

To counter this, it’s necessary to plan birthing experiences. Here are 5 ways to do just that.

Music Is Motivating

Music can influence us. It can serve to either relax or excite us depending upon what we are tuning in to. Many women listen to their favorite music via an earphone device as it motivates them. This is acceptable as long as it doesn’t disturb the people around them.

Enjoy Relief In Favorite Food Or Drinks

Follow your hunches. Eat and drink when your body tells you to.

An excellent example is natural fruit juice, which can support to maintain the body with some natural sugar for energy. It also makes you feel more comfortable.

The taste of a favorite food or drink can help refocus your awareness on something other than pain.

However, before your eat or drink during the delivery process, do discuss this option with your doctor/ midwife.

Be Empowered By Others

Knowing what transpires during natural labor is imperative.

By communicating with other mothers who have had identical experiences, a woman can start to feel that natural childbirth is achievable. That is vital.

Worry and confusion will influence you once the pain of constant contractions occurs. So, receiving encouragement from other women is indispensable.

It helps neutralize the psychological effects from years of understanding about the unimaginable pain of childbirth.

Of course, getting help from your doctors is also valuable in reinforcing this experience.

Use Breathing Relaxation Techniques

Breathing procedures during labor, is a technique mothers are required to learn during their pregnancy stages. Hypnosis can be used to enhance learning this skill.

Properly conducted, rhythmic breathing patterns can aid in easing labor discomfort. It is advisable to practice these techniques with partners before the actual day of delivery.

These techniques can be learned through prenatal classes or from doctors.

Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to resort to.

Hypnosis acts by influencing the subconscious part of the intellect. This is the part of the brain that dominates what we think without conscious realization.

By undergoing hypnosis with a qualified professional, women are able to access their subconscious and attach different concepts. This will reinforce their intention of obtaining a natural labor. You may need to consider talking to your doctor for this form of support.

Dr Anand Chandrasegaran is a consultant anesthesiologist  at Critical Care Medicine in Columbia Asia Hospital, Klang. With 14 years of clinical experience, he is an expert in providing the safest and most effective anesthesia. It is essential that he helps his patients with pre-surgical anxiety/stress and post operative recovery, using Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in pain management. Contact him at https:// hypnotherapyservicesmalaysia.weebly.com or mbbsum@gmail.com