And to prove that it’s a myth, we’re giving you some pretty easy steps to follow.

The steps given below are best executed in the early morning. Done in the morning, it will set the tone for the rest of the day. Look at it as sprinkling star dust on your entire day!

For some, mornings are a busy period. Fear not, this meditation can be done at any point in the day.

If you are busy do a quickie – just 10 minutes. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you and hope you can spend 20-30 minutes on it.

Meditation To Start Your Day & Throughout The Day

1.    Get comfy

Sit down on a cushion on the floor. Or if you can’t on a chair. Close your eyes.

2.    Inhale

Not just any old half-hearted inhalation. Inhale deeply. Feel the air flow into your lungs and fill it up. Feel it flow into your heart. Hold it for a moment and gently exhale. Do this 5 times.

3.    Give Intent

Intention is important for anything and everything you do. Give intent for your body to relax. Once you feel your body doing this, give the second intent. For your body to shine bright like a star.

4.    Shine, Shine, Shine!

Imagine you are a star. Every breath you take in helps you shine brighter. Keep shining even brighter until the way you feel changes. You should start feeling great. Spend some time on this step.

5.    Gratitude

Your body has worked with you during this session. Once you are feeling great and shining bright, thank your body. Do it with sincerity and love.

6.    Open Your Eyes

It’s the end of the session. Keep the great feelings in mind. Don’t rush. Gently open up your eyes. Give intent to do this meditation again soon.

Low Sheau Shy‘s lifelong mission to reconnect with her true essence has led her to devote her life to bringing more love, peace and happiness to everyone. In her 7 years of training and healing, her strong and sharp intuition has transformed people through her meditation classes and workshops. She also offers one-on-one sessions of psychic reading, crystal healing and coaching to her clients. Sheau Shy can be contacted at