Are you experiencing feelings of anxiety or panic?
Do you worry constantly?
Are you feeling annoyed or angry?
Do you fear uncertainty of the future?
Do you have questions on spirituality?
Perhaps you just need a listening ear.

We understand that in these trying times, there are many amongst us who are facing our own personal challenges such as relationship issues, financial difficulties, health worries, family dilemmas, work-from-home pressure, and others. We also know that it can feel very lonely when there’s no one we can turn to.

Our resident adviser, Sera, is here to provide loving support and help to assist you on your self-discovery journey.

Note: Your full name and contact details will remain private unless you consent for us to publish them.

Terms & Conditions

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  • The opinions and views given are purely made in a personal capacity and not meant to replace any professional, psychological or medical treatment that you may be receiving. If you have specific concerns or situations which require professional, psychological or medical assistance, please immediately consult a trained and qualified professional.