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Innate Abilities

Four years ago, I invited my brother and his daughter to attend a public meditation conducted by the founder of The Golden Space Malaysia. From there I got to know that my niece is a special child, a full rainbow child.

It was the same period of time when her mother passed on due to cancer, when my niece started demonstrating her “rainbow” abilities. She can see what others normally can’t see. She is sensitive to energy. That year she was just 10 years old.

I was curious that she never shared what she sees until her mother had passed on. She explained that her mother did not allow her to say things that were extra-ordinary as it might scare other people.

Since young, she learnt not to fear and handle the intangible world by herself. She has innate wisdom, which at times surprises us and renders us speechless.

Message Of Authenticity

 Lesson 1 – I don’t belong to anyone

Once when I visited my brother who was sick, I was curious how she coped all these years when her dad started to fall sick with heart disease, so I asked her.

Niece: “Well, if I tell you the truth about what I feel, you will most probably scold me.”

Me: “No, I won’t. It is how you feel. It is you being your authentic self.”

Niece: “To be frank, he is not really my dad, he is actually a friend who came to this Earth with me, this life time, to play the role of father and daughter. And I do not belong to anyone nor am I just his daughter.”

“And the suffering that he is going through, cannot be borne by anyone else including me. Therefore, there is no point in worrying too much.”

Me: “You are right, I agree with you. We do not belong to anyone but our own self.”

What a profound answer from a 14-year-old girl! I learnt that when we look at relationships in this way, it helps us to be attached physically, yet to be detached mentally from the other person.

Message Of Empowerment

Lesson 2 : Never compare yourself with others

On a particular day when I was worried about running out of time to prepare my presentation, we had this conversation. Usually I had a few hours up to a whole day to prepare but on that particular day, I had to pick up her up from school, prepare lunch and dinner, and make sure everything she needed was attended to, before I left for class.

Me: “Oh no! Today is an unusually chaotic day for my presentation preparation. I feel so nervous!”

Niece: “Why do you feel nervous to present?”

Me: “All of my training mates are excellent and very psychic. They can sense things very well.”

Niece: “Do not compare yourself with others. Treat them equally. And see this presentation as an opportunity to learn together from each other.

“Each one has their talents and strength, as well as their own weakness. So, never judge anyone and never compare.”

“Instead, enjoy the learning process and have fun.”

I felt so positive after listening to what she said and her words of wisdom changed my perspective. As a result, my presentation that day was one of the best I had ever conducted.

Most of all I learnt that we adults should never underestimate the wisdom of the younger generation especially the Star Children, for example the Rainbow Child, the Crystal Child or the Golden Child. And many parents out there still don’t realize that their children are Star Children.

Never restrict them from expressing themselves and let them become who they are. Sharing and learning from each other is important.

My niece has been teaching me about a lot of things in her own way. She shares with me, the world that is unseen by normal human eyes. She is mature for her age and has a highly spiritual understanding about love and humanity.

She has won numerous first prize awards for her presentations and writings on the topic of “The Power of Love”. I am really proud of her and have learnt to be a humble aunt and to continue to learn and grow with her.

I humbly end with her wise words, “Love cannot be explained through words. It has to be learned through experiences.”

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Janine Lee is the author of My Journey Towards Light, in which she shares her life- transforming experiences and spiritual learning from her marital challenges. Her healing journey with the power of unconditional love has inspired her to teach and heal others, touching and transforming countless lives. After 8 years of spiritual practice and overcoming numerous challenges in her life, Janine now brings deep insights to the hearts of her clients with her essence of unconditional love. Reach out to Janine at