Volume 17

I love colors and often immerse myself in them! Every day, I experiment and use beautiful vibrant colors, especially when I’m sick or need a quick uplift of energy.

We are born into a world of colors. Can you imagine what life would be like in a black and white world? It’d be a dull and gloomy planet with nothing to look forward to. Colors affect us in more ways than we are aware of.

Are you aware of the colors of your clothes and make-up? These represent our emotional state. They speak to us in the “language of love”, in many ways when we do take the trouble to listen.

Colors also describe our physical health and emotions, e.g.,
• “I am feeling blue today!”
• “You’re blushing! Your face is so red!”

• “I hope you’ll always be in the pink of health.” • “She’s green with envy over your success.”

See what I mean? We often take our world of colors for granted. The subtle yet intense vibration of colors can be used for healing and balancing our physical and emotional wellness.

For example, hospitals use different color codes in different wards/places. Red is for Emergency. Yellow or turquoise is used for the Children’s Ward. Yellow emits happyand creative vibrations. Whereas turquoise is for fun and joyful expressions, which children need to speed up the healing process. Laughter boosts our immune system as well.

The Science Of Colour

Nature has blessed us with this wonderful form of energy called light and color. Color is a living language of light and rays.

The science of color rests on the laws of light and the power of the 7 major rays.

Each color ray vibrates at a different wavelength and is able to heal your emotional state. Color healing consists of certain molecular reactions that take place in the organs through the medium of the vibration of the rays.

This color that we speak of isn’t something outside of us. It’s within and a part of us. Our bodies and lives are linked to and exist because of the electromagnetic radiation we experience as color.

I hope you’ll always experiment and have fun with colors. Give yourself a color bath whenever you can!

Color Breathing

The key is to trust your intuition and determine which colors are needed for your body.

You may find at the end of this exercise that you feel more grounded, relaxed, balanced, uplifted and rejuvenated. Also, some body tension or ache may have been minimized or completed dissolved.

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Beatrice Lee is a gifted Energy Healer and in the past 9 years, have transformed many lives through her coaching and workshops. Her services include Psychic Card Reading, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Numerology Reading, Color Therapy, Meditation, Women Empowerment Journey Workshop and Chakra Workshop. Opening her heart to the world, she is walking the journey of self-mastery and guiding all to come into their own self-realization and potentials to transform their lives abundantly. You can reach her at