Volume 17

To share so openly about very personal issues is no easy task and the writers of The Golden Space family do just this. To show your face while opening yourself to the rest of the world definitely takes courage, love and trust beyond what you may find while reading your typical run-of-the-mill motivation book. Evidence, perhaps, that the writers do walk their talk as taught by their Master.

Interspersed between these medleys of personal sharing, are inspiring quotes that remind the reader that one’s life is often not all that it seems to be. Without further exploration or illuminating reflection one would miss the opportunities to stretch one’s potential as a human being to great lengths.

In case you think that this book appeals to only certain readers, be assured we humans are not that different from one another. Somewhere between the first and last page, you will find a mirror of your life, a story that is similar to yours.

Questions that you have been asking yourself will appear within the pages. The answers that others have found will confirm you have a role to play in the bigger picture of Life. Yes, this book is for everyone.

Continuing to read, you can’t help but be filled with a sense of empowerment and love, one that will start changing the life you currently lead in small ways whether you initially realize it or not. The book will touch you in different ways, deep within your body, mind and soul.

You will also realize that there is something deeper than wisdom that drives the Master, who leads others to realize their calling as he answers the call of the Divine himself. This Master of Pure Light and Unconditional Love serves to make you not just a mere follower but a Master in your own right.

Furthermore the sense of family, togetherness and oneness that permeates the book may even melt hearts that have been frozen or shut away for a long while, as we humans tend to do when we encounter hurt.

Pick up this book if you want to make a change in your life; if you are ready to take the leap off your comfortable mountain of fears into a new and purposeful life. From page to page, this book will definitely make you feel that you want more… for yourself and for the rest of humanity.

Rose Wong is a certified trainer and healer specializing in Shamanic healing. She has 20 years of experience in the education and psychology field and is currently a licensed  counselling psychologist as well as a couple/family therapist. Rose is grateful that her work has allowed her to be of service to hundreds of beautiful souls all over North America and Malaysia. You can get in touch with her at rose.wong@bodymindsoul.com.my