If the word “root” means the “source, basic cause or origin” of something, then we can say that Father is one of the 2 roots of one’s biological existence, the other being Mother.

Father’s Day is upon us this year on 17 June.

I am lucky to have spent good time with my father who had already passed on years ago. And because I thought he was such a hero dad, I am doing my best to continue his legacy through my role as a father to my 17-year-old son.

The following are things which I want to say to my father as I contemplate this short article which I dedicate to him who is and will always remain my root in this life’s journey.

Message To Father

I loved my own father. He was my hero. I loved him for the closeness that we had and the times that we shared. He was the kind of father who would not hesitate to give loving hugs to his son, praise the young boy to encourage him and who never said a word in anger.

If he was here today for Father’s Day, this is what I would say to him:

Pa, thank you for…………..

Being the loving dad who always showered me with love and affection,

Adopting me that I got better opportunities, was better fed, better clothed, better sheltered and better schooled,

Giving me time no matter how busy you were,

Your gentle voice of wisdom and discipline,

Teaching me to always speak truth and not judge people by their color,

Being the hero when I was bullied on my first day at school,

Attending my prize-giving and sports days at school,

Teaching me how to tie my shoe laces, button my clothes and knot my tie,

The holidays at the beach, the highlands, Penang, Singapore and all other fun places;

And most of all,

Thank you, sir, for showing me how to be dad.


Message From Father

My teenage son is a good son, always considerate and loving toward his parents. But baring it out, I do encounter some communication problems with him because often, I am not sure whether to talk to him as I do a child or an adult.

For this Father’s Day which we would inevitably spend a wonderful day together, this is what I will say to him:

My son, thank you for……….

Giving me the opportunity to shower you with love and affection,

Giving me lessons in patience,

Giving me lessons in unconditional giving,

Helping me get my time by giving it to you

Your voice of innocent curiosity that asks questions which I too learn from,

Letting me be your hero when I answer those questions of yours,

For showing me the need to discipline me too,

Teaching me to always speak my truth if I want you to be truthful,

Helping me recall the sweet memories of my happy school days when I go to yours,

Letting me show you the joy of flying the kite, walking the hills and being with life,

Sharing holidays at the beach, the highlands and all those other fun places,

Allowing me the pleasure of teaching you the dance, the drive and the dare.

And most of all,

Thank you, son, for showing me how to be dad.

Chong Bing Kuan (formerly known as Ho Kong Fatt)  has a strong passion for self-awareness. He currently dedicates himself to helping individuals live happier, healthier, holistically empowered lives with an emphasis on connecting with one’s inner self. His vision is for a world of self-aware people living in happiness, peace and harmony. His present workshop “The Path of Your Heart” helps people unlock and use their heart intelligence to live more holistic and happier lives. Get in touch with Bing Kuan at