Who We Are

The only positive living & holistic wellness magazine published in Malaysia. Our aim is to promote positive and holistically aware lifestyles. We provide healthy living tips and unique ideas to develop and maintain our readers’ inner peace – in their body, mind and soul.

We bring love & peace to each home, with our ‘love-filled’ articles. A step beyond normal reporting, each page of our magazine uplifts and inspires every reader to be the best they aspire to be.

Editorial Mission

In today’s fast-paced world, more people are becoming aware that there is more to life than just winning the rat race. This awareness is motivating individuals to constantly search for answers to satisfy their increasing need for love, peace and happiness in their lives. This growing trend amongst individuals all around the world to live balanced, healthy and peaceful lives continues to rise even after three decades of phenomenal growth.

In Malaysia, bodymindsoul is raising the bar in the Holistic Wellness sector by inspiring readers to integrate positive and healthy living tips into their daily lives. A quarterly magazine, our passionate team envisions to enhance awareness of these important topics. Written by local and international writers who are all specialists in their field, all content is unique to bodymindsoul magazine.

bodymindsoul magazine is filled with uplifting articles that nourishes body, mind and soul. Through a love-driven editorial policy, bodymindsoul wants to inspire hope, so that individuals can call upon their innate strength and power to face any situation in their lives. The magazine seeks to evoke our readers’ positive side, the side that is full of passion and power, so that they are empowered to live more fulfilling and wholesome lives.


~ FROM THE TEAM @ bodymindsoul ~


Managing Director

“Dear Dad, it has been 5  years since you departed to the Light. We still carry your wisdom and teachings in our hearts.Thank you for being a great teacher, and a great Dad! We understand that you may not be with us in body, but you are always present in our hearts, as love is timeless and eternal. We love you and we know that you love us eternally.”


Chief Editor

“Dear Papa, you were my mentor while growing up and I would constantly try to make you proud. Although I mostly didn’t achieve it then, I know now that you are the biggest angel in my life. As with fears, I found my strength and myself. I love you for your unconditional support, love, sacrifices and life lessons. I am who I am today because of you. I love you and I Thank you!”


Managing Editor

“Dear Dad, thank you for the values that you’ve taught me. Thank you for the firm foundation you’ve set me on how to live a life of truth and integrity. You were my very first teacher and since then, I’ve had many teachers of life, love and wisdom. You were my light of knowledge, mountain of strength and heart of love. You have never been gone because in me you live. Thank you for my life. I love you. I always will.”


Associate Publisher

“Dear Daddy, you are my hero. No matter how hard things got – you always pulled through for us. Your eternal love and dedication to us makes you the greatest man in my life. Now I am glad to take over your role and it’s my turn to take care of this family, and for you to rest & retire. I love you. Your only loving daughter, Lucy.”


Event Director

“Papa, thank you for your determination, thank you for your persistence & thank you for the unconditional love you have for your family. I love you, papa. I pray for your good health & happiness always.”


Account Manager

“Papa, I am grateful for all your love and everything you do for me. Even though you are in God’s hands now and I can’t see you physically for many years, I still feel your love and protection for me. You taught me what unconditional love is. I love you Daddy. Happy Father’s day to you and all Daddies in the world in heaven and on earth.”


Senior Editor

“Dear Acha, though long gone, you’re still in our hearts. You taught me to value knowledge. You showed how to give selflessly even in tough times. Your determination to keep going despite poor health or circumstances will always be remembered. I thank you, Acha, for loving us and always doing your best for us.”


Promotions & Marketing Director

“Dad, you used to bring me for a ride on your bike, taught me how to ride a bicycle, chased after the rat that intruded into our house with mum. The memories stays forever, you will always be my hero! Thank you for everything!”


Senior Editor

“To all the Daddies out there, many believe that the role of a father is not as importanat as a mother’s, they are wrong of course, fathers are very special as they play a different role, in fact they are a huge influence on the happiness and social skills of their daughters….Happy Father’s Day to all Readers and Readers’ Daddies for nothing can ever take the place of a Daddy’s love!”


Senior Event Manager

“Papa, I love how you always pour me a cup of tea after dinner, how you always crack me up with your silly jokes, how you always react in the most unexpected way at unexpected times. I love all of you, Papa! Happy Father’s Day!”


Carnival Event Director

“Dear Papa, you are the first man who held my hand and taught me to have fun but for each thrilling adventure of Life, you  taught me how to fall safely too. Thank you for giving all you can and all you have to the family, ensuring we have more than what we want. Most importantly, thank you for loving me the way I truly am and allowing me to be adventurous when the rest say no. Love you, all the way to the moon and back!”


Event Coordinator

“Dad, without you I am nobody. You have always been there for me in every moment of my life. You never failed to hold my hand since I was small. Your love can never be replaced. I am honored and grateful to have you as my Dad. Thank you so much and I love you!”


Digital Marketing Manager

“Dear Dad, you held me in your arms when I was born into this world. I remember the sacrifices you made just to see me have a smile on my face. You worked tirelessly just to give me a happy and deserving life, up until all your hands and face were wrinkled. You may not know how awesome you’ve been. Deep down, I will always be Daddy’s Little Girl. Thank you for always watching my back. I feel so blessed to have you as my Dad. Thank you for everything. Love you Dad.”