Take a look at the list below. It’ll give you a clear picture of what to look out for.

5 Signs For Happy Goals

1.    Smile

When someone asks you about your goal, you smile. Your body is  relaxed and breathing is even. You’re eager to talk about it. Sometimes a little too much!

2.    Constant Attention

That goal is always on your mind. Instead of dreading it, you’re looking forwarding to working on it. There’re constant thoughts on making it a fantastic success. Which is why you attend workshops, purchase books and surf the net.

3.    100% Heart

Remember days when your parent had to drag you out of bed for school? None of that’ll be necessary for a heart-centered goal. You’ll be pouring yourself into the project 100%. Willingly, that is.

4.    Laser-sharp focus

Whilst working on your project, your mind will be focused totally on it. Other thoughts will not sneak in. Plus, you would not be multi-tasking. No thinking of what to have for lunch. No planning long getaways. Your life may not depend on achieving your goal, but that’s the way your mind will work.

5.    Sheer Satisfaction

Once the project is done, there’s a combination of feelings. Joy, satisfaction, happiness and more. Even if there is no payment for it, you’d be high-fiving everyone around you and grinning away.

And now, you may be asking how to set the right goal. How to identify something that makes your heart sing?

For me, I discovered some of them by trusting my instincts. For instance, growing up, I was always attracted to photography. But I never had the opportunity to try it. Finally as an adult, I got my own camera. I was hooked. Even on hot days outdoors, I’d feel happy clicking away.

Other suitable goals were discovered because I was brave enough to take risks. Initially the goal itself didn’t sound like my cup of tea. Yet, I chose to dash out of the comfort zone, with the help of many supportive individuals.

Once I got into the swing of things, I discovered how much I enjoyed them. Even I was surprised! What am I talking about? Well, that’s basically how I meandered into the world of energy healing.

Start setting goals that resonate with your soul. You’ll be so much the better for it. There’ll be planting a piece of heaven in your heart.

Sheela Prabhakaran is a writer and trainer who has a keen interest in people and nature. Her career started out in publishing followed by many years in Corporate Communication. Over time she has reached out to people of all walks of life through copywriting, writing books and articles. Her training experience includes Business English and Communication. She has embarked on an exciting new spiritual journey which sees her exploring more ways to share ideas on leading a healthier and happier life. She can be reached at