ParentShare (Series) : Gaia Parenting

Nature education or parenting is an important aspect of raising balanced, capable and compassionate children especially in these environmentally challenging times. Here is a suggestion on looking at this issue in a different light.

Making Changes Is An Inside Job

If we can’t change others or rather that it is not within our control to do so, why don’t we change our feelings towards external situation or people instead? Read on to explore how you can cultivate this attitude...

Demystifying Abundance

Abundance is really just a state of being. And that includes money. You may be having a hard time attracting money, because of childhood programming. Read on to see how you can turn this around.

Connecting With Your True Essence

Our writer shares how a Japanese countryside upbringing allowed her to bond with nature from childhood. Read on for a beautiful reminder that we are not separate from Nature.

The Simplicity Of Peace

Live in full awareness of every thought that passes through your mind. Peace is literally just a thought away. This is the power of a single thought. Read on to discover how simple it is to do it.

The Undiscovered Science

“Science” and “Spirituality” are similar, except that science deals with the outer, objective world whilst spirituality deals with the inner, subjective world. Read on to understand the connection between these two special realms.

Naturally Determined

Our newly naturally determined writer shares the lesson she learnt from observing Mother Nature. Read on to learn one of the key ingredients to living successfully.