When The Body Talks

Hui Min decided to speak to her body after a particularly long weekend. What she discovered surprised her. It led her to look at life and her body in a different light.

A Natural Approach To Ease Pain

Pain, is an experience that is subjective to humans. For the same pain stimulus, the intensity of experience varies from person to person. Hypnosis has a role for people suffering from various types of pain.

Rolling With Limitless Possibilities

Feeling limited or stuck? Get out of the rut and get your creative juices flowing again! Rose Wong helps you get the ball rolling with a special Mayan Sacred Geometry (Light Language) meditation.

The ABCs of Listening To Your Heart

What does it mean to listen to your heart? Logically this doesn't quite make sense. But you must have heard this many times before. Bing Kuan speaks to your mind and heart as he shares simple steps to go about doing this.

Rediscovering My Gifts

Shanti Dewi chooses not to be the average Jane and instead follows her dreams to reclaim her childhood inspirations. Read about how she receives a reminder and remembers her purpose on Earth.

Choosing To Be Happy

We can't change painful situations in the past but we can change how we feel about the situations. Learn more about how to manage your emotions, a practical living skill that would enhance our school curriculum!

Commitment To Dare

Success is yours if you only dare it to be! Commit to these 3 steps to bring out your true potential. Break the barriers holding you back from achieving what you want and let 2018 be your best year ever!

Transforming Into A New You!

Are you living with joy and being what and who you want to be? What if personal transformation can propel you from living a better life to living a spectacular life?

Diamond Within

It’s 2018 - make the most of your new beginning! This year, dig deep within yourself to pull out the diamond that is your potential. Tap into the skills, abilities and strengths that you may yet discover by cultivating valuable habits that help the “True You” shine bright!